5 Basic Hashtag Tips for Instagram


Hashtags are a great way to grow your Instagram following! If you don’t where to start, follow these basic tips below!

  1. You can use 30 (yes 30) hashtags in each post. If you’re trying to grow your brand or business, I suggest using all 30!

  2. Change your hashtags and make sure they are relevant to your post. I don’t know this for sure… but if you use the same hashtags on every post and don’t use hashtags directly related to your post, your post might be tagged as spam 😬This causes your post to not show up in the specific hashtag grouping.

  3. Post your hashtags in the comments of your post. This isn’t something you need to do, it just makes your post look cleaner. 

  4. Why do people use the 5 dots or asterisks before they post their hashtags? Again, this makes the “hashtags comment” look cleaner on your post. With Instagram being a visual platform, I always try to make my posts look as visually clean as possible.

  5. Keep a list of hashtags in the notes section of your phone. Title them and have them all typed out (with the 5 asterisks) so you can easily copy and paste them in the comments as soon as you publish your post!

Happy Hashtagging!