5 Basic things to include in your Instagram Bio

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I love seeing how people present their bios on Instagram! People get super creative with hashtags and links and emojis. Here are 5 things I think are important to include in your bio no matter how creative you get!

Your Instagram Bio is one of the first things a potential new follower will look at. You only have 150 character so get creative and always make sure to include:

1. Your name or the name of your business

2. Location

3. Contact info

4. What is your page about

5. Link to a website 

1. Your name or the name of business - This may seem like a no brainer but you must list your name or the name of your business. Either in you Instagram handle or the name listed on your page. This way when people do a search on instagram they are able to find your page easily. Tip* Your handle and Instagram name can be different. That way you potential customers have another way to find you!

2. Location - As an avid Instagramer it's frustrating when I see a beautiful page with a really great service or product but I have no idea where to find them. Are they in NYC, California, London?! Please make sure you add your location in your bio! 

3. Contact Info - You now have an option on Instagram to have a business account. The business account puts an email button on your bio making it easy for potential customers to contact you. If you have NOT switched over to a business account be sure to list your email in your bio so customers will be able to contact you easily without having to search around for your email address.

4. What is your page about - Let us know what your page is all about! We want you to be pretty blunt. Do you style hair, sell t- shirts, have a blog about business, teach fitness. Tell us exactly what your page is about so we're not trying to guess what you sell or offer.

5. Link to a website - Use the clickable link in your bio to lead back to your website, an online story about you,  a YouTube video, your blog,  or a free download about your business. Use this clickable link to your advantage and don't be afraid to get creative!

*Bonus* You can now add clickable hashtags and account handles to your bio. Make sure to take advantage of that tool as well! 

Have fun creating your bio and don't be afraid to switch it up from time to time!