Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: A review of the NEW Disneyland land from someone who knows very little about Star Wars but very much loves Disneyland!

Hello friends! My name is Jessica and I was lucky enough to experience the BRAND NEW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge last week during a special cast preview. I wanted to share my experience as someone who has only seen the original Star Wars movies and half of The Force Awakens (I tend to fall asleep during movies if I start them after 9pm… #thisis35.) I’m sure I’ve seen the ones with Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman, but those don’t count right? I did grow up going to Disneyland all the time and Star Tours was one of my favorite rides as a kid. Even though I don’t know much about the movies, I love all things Disney!

The first picture we took inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

The first picture we took inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

That being said, Galaxy’s Edge was amazing! Keep reading as I’ll be sharing the things I loved, the weirdest parts of the park, and a few words you’ll need to know to keep up with the Star Wars Land Cast Members.


Things I LOVED

The Cantina – I mean duh! You can drink inside Disneyland now! The Cantina is a replica of the one in the movie. Not sure which movie it’s in, but it looks the exact same! You’ll have to wait to get in (about 30 min) and once you’re in you have 45 min to enjoy the Cantina. There is a 2 drink max and the drinks have to be consumed in the Cantina. Rex the robot from the original Star Tours ride makes an appearance in the Cantina as DJ Rex. He was hands down my favorite part of the Cantina! He’s got some good moves.

Smugglers Run Ride - I’ve been calling it the Millennium Falcon ride. I didn’t know this was the actual name of the ride until I googled it just now. This ride was INSANE!!!! We waited around 90 min the 1st time. Yes, my friends rode it 3 times. This old lady could only stomach 1 go. The wait was totally worth it! It’s like Star Tours meets Soarin Over California meets a real life video game. 6 people ride at a time. 2 pilots, 2 gunners and 2 engineers. It all goes so fast. The coolest part is the ship you ride it. It straight up looks like a real spaceship. I was the pilot and I was terrible. I screamed for the entire ride because it felt so real. I don’t think we accomplished any of the missions we had but it was awesome!

The Stormtroopers – Stormtroopers walk around the park as atmosphere characters and they look amazing! They have cool voice boxes or some high tech way of talking to the people in the park. They are super fun and crack a bunch of funny jokes.

The Ambiance and Décor – The attention to detail in this land is unreal! You truly feel like you are in another land. I kept forgetting I was in Disneyland. The marketplace, the bathrooms, the line for the ride; every detail has been thought out and helped make visiting Galaxy’s Edge a truly magical experience.



Anthony and I in front of the marketplace filled with shops.

Anthony and I in front of the marketplace filled with shops.

Things That Were Kinda Weird But Still Worked

The Food – As of now there are only 2 places to eat in the land. We opted for the pita wrap option. It was basically a hot dog wrapped in a pita with cheese and coleslaw. Weird, but actually delicious. There was also a smoothie drink that Anthony waited in line to get. Not quite too sure what it is. There was a blue option and a green option. Not my favorite treat I’ve ever had but everyone seemed to have one.

Keeping myself entertained in front of the Millennium Falcon while my friends rode Smugglers Run for the 2nd and 3rd time.

Keeping myself entertained in front of the Millennium Falcon while my friends rode Smugglers Run for the 2nd and 3rd time.

The Cast Members Commitment To Their Characters – I learned that Star Wars land is the fictional planet of Batuu. It takes place somewhere between the 7th and 8th movies. I think…  The cast members are committed to this story and literally never break character. After riding the Smugglers Run ride, I had a cast member come up to me and ask if I was ok. I told him I had just gotten off the Millennium Falcon ride and I wasn’t feeling awesome. His response was this, “The Millennium Falcon flies?” Then I was like, “Yeah, there’s a ride right over there.” He looked at me in shock and continued on about how he didn’t know the Millennium Falcon flew. I was super confused and thought he was losing his mind, but then I realized that in his fictional world of Batuu, the Millennium falcon didn’t fly. Commitment. I played along as I was still feeling sick and wanted him to stop talking to me. He asked if I needed to go to sick bay (lol) and I said no thank you. I just needed a Sprite. Even though I thought he was crazy for a minute there, he was super friendly and helpful!

Words You Should Know And Words I Still Don’t Know The Meaning Of

Credits – In the cantina, our server asked for credits after we ordered our drinks. I’m pretty sure he meant credit card but maybe it means ID?

Credentials – We still don’t know what this means. Anytime we went to buy something, the cast members would ask for credentials. We couldn’t figure out if it meant ID, annual pass or cast member badges?

Sick Bay – I guess that’s where you end up if you’re not feeling well.

Frequent Visitor – After getting my photo done by the photopass photographer, I showed him my annual pass and he said “Oh, you’re a frequent visitor to our planet.” Again, so much commitment to their characters.


Overall, we had such an amazing day! We were in the land for almost 7 hours and there was so much to see and experience. I’ve left so much out, but hopefully you’ll get to go soon and experience it for yourself! Congrats to everyone who made this land happen!

Forever thankful I got be experience a part of Disneyland history!

- Jessica Freitas 

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